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Overview of the TMS Service

Overview of the TMS Service

Initial Assessment

You will have an initial assessment with one of our TMS psychiatrists to determine the appropriateness of TMS therapy in your case. This assessment takes about one and a half hours, and includes questions related to your symptoms, medical problems, medications you are taking and will determine whether TMS is an appropriate next step in your treatment. You will be asked to fill out mood questionnaires that will help with your assessment.

If it is determined that TMS is an appropriate option for you, we will make arrangements for your first and subsequent treatments.

TMS treatment course

TMS sessions are administered in an outpatient setting. A full course of TMS is about 20-30 sessions administered daily Monday to Friday for about 4-6 weeks. Although it is recommended that treatments be administered daily we can accommodate a different schedule depending on your individual case.

Although you will remain under the care of your regular psychiatrist, the TMS psychiatrist will periodically meet with you to monitor your progress with TMS. The attending psychiatrist will supervise your treatments. Even though a treatment for depression, not all patients will respond to this treatment. In that case, the attending psychiatrist will discuss with you what other treatment options may be effective in your specific case and will share those recommendations with your regular psychiatrist.

For more information on TMS treatments call 314-286-1700.